Business benefits

IDOSOL connects venture capitalist advisors and partners, technical experts, angel investors, and experienced blockchain entrepreneurs. IDOSOL will use network to grow our early stage incubated start-ups – with the goal to turn them into global projects, and allow IDO token holders to connect with those projects as part of our Launchpad.


IDOSOL Launchpad benefits and opportunities for startups

  • Ability to create your own token to organize your project funding.
  • Possibility to get support and help in compiling whitepaper.
  • Opportunity to get support and help in creating the best tokenomics model.
  • Opportunity to list your project on the IDOSOL platform.
  • Opportunity to receive support and assistance in listing public trading platforms.
  • Opportunity to get support and help in finding advertising channels.
  • Opportunity to receive part of the funding of seed investors in our community.

Independent Due Diligence

Projects and investors alike face difficulties in differentiating innovative, quality token projects from low quality, often scam projects in the market. IDOSOL Launchpad helps to mitigate this risk through our Independent Due Diligence Services.


IDOSOL Launchpad benefits for an investor

  • Early opportunities for interaction and investment.
  • Early visibility into venture teams and tech trends.
  • New investment opportunities based on sound intellectual property rights are based on science and research.
  • Exceptionally customer centric teams, proven customer need, problem-solution fit and customer commitment.
  • Allows everyone to become an investor and the opportunity to raise and increase their existing capital on an equal footing.
  • To make investment fair and equal to all, regardless
  • Given the size of their investment, we have designed our platform model to offer both small and large capitalization investors the opportunity to invest themselves.


Additional oppurtunities and benefits

We have noticed demand in making investment decisions easy yet at the same time profitable. Index portfolios can not guarantee to find the next best buy on the market but help to diminish probability of missing them out by combining various projects under the same index portfolio. This also helps to optimize investor’s fund instead of contributing on different single projects but to conclude investments in one or few of the areas preferred:

  • Technology Index token.
  • Science and healthcare Index token.
  • Platform and launchpad Index token.
  • Gaming and Metaverse Index token.
  • Energy Index token.