IDOSOL is the bridge to this completely new world of fundraising across all smart-contract-based blockchains. IDOSOL is developing a cross-chain Launchpad and start-up incubator ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

About us

Investments made easy

Our platform focuses on convenience both for incubating projects and investors. Here are five pillars that make IDOSOL unique.

Simple & easy

Simplicity and customer friendly.


Licenses and compliance services that make institutional investments applicable.

Easy decisions

Segmentation according to different fields of investments which make investment decisions easy.


Index tokens making up convenient investment portfolios in different fields according to the best performance tokens on the market.

Great support

Support for incubating projects (whitepaper, tokenomics, code audit, marketing etc).

500 000 000


Coming soon


IDOSOL is different from others

IDOSOL Launchpad isn’t just a platform for putting up tokens for sales.

IDOSOL Launchpad isn’t just a platform for putting up tokens for sales; instead, it also serves as an advisory perspective for upcoming projects. IDOSOL helps streamline, motivate, and mentor upcoming crypto projects with their experience and insights.

We utilise our Token Assessment Framework to assess every aspect of a blockchain project. This assessment provides organisations with independently verified information to enable informed decision making on projects. Information generated by our Token Assessment Framework is used by our exchange partners to inform listing decisions, and high-quality projects are referred to our investor networks.

IDOSOL is a new innovative entrant to the launchpad space, IDOSOL is a platform where hand-picked projects are launched and investors allowed to participate in a transparent and assured token sale process.

Key factors of IDOSOL

We focus on:

  • Project development roadmap and whitepaper
  • Possibility of large-scale adoption
  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Opportunity to benefit from the expansion of the wider crypto ecosystem
  • Once projects go through a selection process, active IDOSOL users can participate in project bids and investments.

Moreover, before investing in any project, users can do their own research via the IDOSOL platform, where they can find all the key details of the project like:

  • Project metrics
  • The team behind it
  • Tokenomics
  • Overview and use-cases
  • Roadmap, updates, and business development
  • Updated development progress
  • Activity and a community overview
  • Community and social channels

IDOSOL will be developing and deploying the IDO on their own platform to pack the initial liquidity for the investors so that users can start with the trade as soon as the token is issued in the market. IDO will be providing the staking utility for its token so that the users can reap the benefits of staking the IDO. Reward coins can also be staked further to build up a yield cycle and pile up hefty rewards.

We support projects in a different way

We help with business plan that should comply with a number of criterias:

  • Proven innovation
  • Market situation described
  • Competitive advantages
  • Relevant to the project’s potential
  • Relevant to the market scale
  • General description of business processes
  • Token functions and tokenomics
  • The value of the token is evident
  • Structured and integral product
  • Unleashing and selling the idea
  • Design

What problems we solve?

For token projects – IDOSOL is supported and backed by the community, influencers, and marketing partners to help your project get in front of the investors.

For investors – All the crypto projects on the IDOSOL launchpad are hand-picked, and they go through a very rigorous vetting process to enhance investors’ confidence and protect their interests.

IDOSOL aims to become a safer platform where investors can select the hand-picked and vetted projects without worrying about a rug pull or an exit scam. This doesn’t end here; IDOSOL launchpad offers distinctive features that differentiate it from the rest of the ecosystem players.

Our goal is simple: Use Automated, Decentralized, Scalable multi-chain technology to build an IDO platform different from its competitors in terms of its uniqueness and the feature of legal institutional investors. An IDO refers to Initial Dex Offering which involves launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDO offers better liquidity at every level: for projects to launch their token and access funds, for users/investors to buy them at floor price and re-sell them at a higher price later during the course of the project listing.